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When Belinda Rush-Carville founded V’TAE Parfum & Body Care twenty five years ago, her goal was simple: To honor Mother Nature and uplift the human spirit by creating classic, all-natural eau de parfums in the European tradition. While the company has expanded since that time to include a wide range of high-quality, aromatherapy-based products sold at many retail locations nationwide, a deep, abiding respect for the planet and its inhabitants has remained the organization’s cornerstone.

“From the beginning, our philosophy has been based on the fact that people will respond to what’s real, true, and natural,” says Belinda. “In a fragrance market flooded with mass-produced, synthetic products masquerading as ‘natural’ to appeal to consumers’ desire for an authentic aromatherapy experience, V’TAE is the genuine article. No amount of marketing-department hype can substitute for quality. Our customers recognize and appreciate that.”

The V’TAE story began in 1990 when Belinda opened a retail shop in the heart of historic downtown Nevada City, a picturesque Gold Rush town in the Sierra foothills of Northern California. (The company’s original name, Aqua Vitae, or “Water of Life,” was changed to its present form when corporate giant Dow Chemical claimed it was similar to the name of one of its hair-care products and threatened legal action.) Her hand-blended eau de parfums, with elegant names such as Shiraz, Caliban, and Andromeda, wowed locals and tourists alike while establishing V’TAE’s early reputation for excellence.

As demand for V’TAE products grew, we expanded the operation to include a corporate office and production facility across town. Realizing the need for essential-oil-based products manufactured in accordance with ancient aromatherapeutic values and using top-quality natural ingredients, V’TAE added bath salts, body lotions, aromatherapy mists, and other home- and body-care products to the company’s offerings while pioneering the use of phrases such as “Sensuality” and “Stress Relief” to describe its unique original blends.

V’TAE products are packaged with a simple beauty that reflects the quality of the ingredients within, using materials are recycled, reusable, or recyclable whenever possible. No artificial coloring or animal by-products are ever used, and all V’TAE products are 100 percent cruelty-free.

By keeping the growing company in Nevada City,  and contributing to the health of the local economy in the same way that using earth-friendly ingredients supports the natural environment. “It’s a quality-of-life issue

— people should be able to make a living in small towns without having to commute to urban areas, and environmentally-friendly businesses benefit everyone. It’s a pleasure to be able to contribute to the livelihood of my hometown in a positive way.”

Today, V’TAE’s customer base of spas, upscale natural-product and specialty stores, and elegant boutiques continues to grow.  Discerning consumers discover the simple joys of natural aromatherapy products created by hand, with respect for the earth and humankind. It is a sure bet that the V’TAE philosophy of  keeping it “real, true, and natural” will continue to guide them.

They wouldn’t want it any other way.