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Peppermint Body Mist, 8oz

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Peppermint refreshes, and reminds us what fun it is to be alive. This vivacious scent stimulates the mind and memory. Who can feel tired when our pure, natural peppermint works its magic? Spray your body, the room and your linens, to revive your day. 100% Natural!

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SD40 Alcohol made from corn, Sierra Nevada spring water, essential oil of organic peppermint.

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Weight 12 oz
Dimensions 12 × 4 × 2 in

1 review for Peppermint Body Mist, 8oz

  1. Maddy

    I bought a bottle of this ALMOST 20 years ago (about 1999-99) and have loved it to bits! Over the years I have cherished it and used it somewhat sparingly on a variety of things from my body to bed sheets! I’ve also enjoyed using it as a general room spray. It is so delightfully refreshing and is hands down one of the best peppermints I’ve ever experienced.
    As I neared the end of my first bottle I wasn’t sure whether V’tae even still existed. I’m thrilled to know they are still putting out their high quality products and that I can replenish my stock of this amazing spray! My only disappointment is that they changed the packaging. The old label was much cuter and the bottle came with interesting glass balls/marbles in it .

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