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  • Lavender Super Hydrating Lotion

    Lavenders sweet, woodland scent calms and soothes everything from headaches and tension to rashes, burns and insect bites. This moisturizing lotion is made from the world's finest organic lavender and skillfully blended for the most effective results!
  • Happy Trails Aromatherapy Mist for The All-Outdoors

    100% natural. DEET free. Use with confidence. Safe for children and animals. Cruelty free. This all natural spray can be used on body and washable clothing. Mother Nature's survival kit in a bottle!
  • Mother’s Lullaby Massage Oil, 8oz

    Earn 13 Reward Points
    Smells and feels divine on baby's soft, tender skin. Used in a gentle massage, this nourishing blend of pecan, sesame, carrotseed, and rose hip oil with essential oils of organic lavender, chamomile, melissa and rose relaxes and assures little ones that bedtime is a good time to snuggle up and settle down. Also provides relief for babies with colic. Just rub on baby's tummy for welcome relief.
  • Almond Apricot Creme, 2oz

    Almond Apricot Creme, 2oz

    Earn 7 Reward Points

    Now you can take it anywhere! This intensely rich creme is packed with shea butter and will leave your skin saying Oooh la la! Paraben free - we added natural extracts and oils of almond, apricot and vanilla. You (and your skin) are sure to fall in love with this super hydrating crème!

    Available in 2 oz.
  • Bulk Bath Salts

    Body Wash, Gallon

    *No Artificial Coloring *Paraben Free Body Wash for Hands and Body
  • *No Fragrance *No Artificial Coloring *Paraben Free
  • Bulk Big Zero Oil – Unscented

    Earn 70 Reward Points
    *No Fragrance *No Artificial Coloring *All Natural *Gallon  
  • Bulk Deodorant

    Bulk Deodorant – Gallon

    Earn 120 Reward Points
    You have found the best natural deodorant in the world! Its scent certainly tells the story.  Crisp, clean and natural.  Grapefruit seed extract gently destroys bacteria, the real cause of odor.  What a great alternative to the chemical-ridden deodorants we see on the big-store shelves.  Does it work?  Absolutely.  Try a few sprays under your arms and on your feet to stop odor dead in its tracks! Also works fabulously for these alternative uses: deodorizing shoe's, deodorizing trash cans and diaper pails. Gallon
  • Bulk Damage Soother Mist

    Bulk Damage Soother Mist

    Earn 120 Reward Points
    Sun, wind, cold weather, pollution and fluorescent lighting can cause serious damage to your most important organ- your skin! Damage Soother is a potent potion of green tea, sea buckthorn, tea tree oil and Turkish rose.  Highly recommended for people who spend a lot of time in the elements. Spray on your face and body.
  • Bulk Eau de Parfum
  • Bulk Sugar Scrub