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Founded in 1989, in Nevada City, California V’TAE became the natural, feel good from head-to-toe body care all-over company. From over-the-top effective to sit back and enjoy your life products we have made feeling great safe, affordable and easy.

Everything is made by hand with “V’TAE-lored” love. Find our chic products all around the globe. We have the friendliest, old-fashioned customer service on the planet (no phone menus – just real, committed people). Inspired by nature for nature, our products put people and the world we live in first.

Do you need to know more about V’TAE?
Contact us at 800.643.3011.


*V’TAE comes from the Latin  “vitae” which means “life”

Scent can be as powerful as music. It evokes memory and can recapture a moment in your past or be a stimulant to future events. Scent through the ages has been used to stimulate the psyche and comfort the body. It is an aphrodisiac, can alleviate depression, calm anxiety and sharpen the mind.

Fragrance is magical! When we began 25 years ago with our concept of making products, we knew we were going to take an approach that was decidedly different from that of large manufacturers. V’TAE products were created to enhance and compliment the user. Our commitment is this:

To take respectfully from nature or other environmentally correct sources; to add our creativity, and contribute to this planet, rather than deplete it; and to offer it with gentle pride to you, our customer.

The quality and integrity of our products is complemented by the beauty and simplicity of our packaging. Everything is carefully crafted by hand and our packaging is always recycled, reusable or recyclable. The human touch is important in our modern society, and with that in mind, we have created products that from beginning to end reflect “high touch” and not “high tech”. We put people to work – not machines. The aesthetics of our approach simply could not be achieved through mass production or compromising on ingredients. Of course, we have always been cruelty free! We, and our suppliers, do no animal testing. There is no artificial coloring in any of our body care products.

We are a small company located in the community of Nevada City in the heart of Gold Country in Northern California. We are very proud of what we do and it is reflected in our products. Our customers know they are paying for what’s in the bottle and not excess packaging or heavy advertising. We offer you quality, integrity and value. We hope it enhances your world!